How An IBO Man Made N1.5million Importing $4 Products and Reselling for N10,000 Using a Platform With Over 50 Million Buyers Here In Nigeria

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Dear Friend,

Are you shocked about the above statement? well am not surprise at your answer because i felt the same way too when i saw this Ibo Man message on facebook some days ago.I was not only shocked about the amount he made with little or no effort.
Imagine someone doing the same business with me the stress free way, to worsen the  situation the same guy imports $4 products and resell it for N10,000 right here in Nigeria.

Wait! if you are really good in mathematics that is...

$4 x 200 = N800 per piece and sold for N10,000

That is N9,200 profit per product.

This is what got me curious, I asked this Ibo man to show me the exact product he imported for that amount.After several hours of chatting with this IBO man, he decided to let the cat out
of the bag.

He started his story...

At the beginning of the new year, he came across a product sold on jumia for N10,000. the product is very hot here in Nigeria and lot of men are buying it. It is called Male Penis Enlargement.

See the product below from Jumia website.

So as an importer i decided to look into my secret vault of import website where you can import goods. once of them is you can visit that site yourself to see products been sold at crazy prices.

Well, the thing is that is even the least website I used for my importation business, Here is another secret website where the same N10,000 product on is been currently sold for $4 on this secret website as you can see.

Dont worry I will show you where to get product for cheap prices just make sure you read this article to the end.
After getting this same product at a far cheap price. I decided to Import just 20 pieces of this same product and sold them in less than 5 days.I was shocked at the rate people ordered for the product so I decided to order for 200 pieces and sold over 170 pieces in in the month of
february 2015 and made a whooping N1.5million Profits!

Yes I mean N1.5million Profits not sales. See henry's account that Got my attention Online:

Now I was able to make that amount following this simple steps:

I look for hot product to sell?
Simple look for unique product that is already selling like crazy, Import and resell.Inother to do that go to Konga or Jumia or dealdey. check the products on Sale and look for the best selling in any category of your choice.

Write down 5 to 10 of them. I already gave you 3 Hot products:

[+] Penis Enlarger
[+] Air curler
[+] Andriod Phones

I will reveal 10 Hot products to you at the end of this letter.Once you have a list of hot products, the next thing is to head over to

Yes! This is one of the Import portal I used most because they sell products at a very cheap rate. The best part is that your money is secured, the buyer doesnt get the money until you get your goods here In Nigeria.

But WAIT! before you head over to Aliexpress i can assure you that there are lot of Things you need to learn so that you wont get your finger burnt or make mistake or loose money, that's why you need to read this letter to the end because if you go straight to the website and order like without reading this letter to the end.

Two things will happen:

[+] You wont be able to pay for your goods
[+] you will have to wait for 30 days to 3 months to get your good doing it yourself.

So just keep reading to get the full gist.

After Sourcing What Next?

I place Order for the product and get it delivered in less than 24 hours....I bet you dont know this before you dont even have to wait for 5 days to 30 days to get your goods in Nigeria nor do you have anything to do with custom. The goods will be delivered to your doorstep anywhere in Nigeria.


How Much Will You Do Per Month With 50million Cash-in-hand Buyers?

Imagine having access to over 50million customers to sell to... That's exactly what this is.I Partner with Jumia,Konga,Kaymu and Dealdey to sell my products to their customers of over 50 million Nigerians.this is the best part imagine you dont have to worry about how to sell your imported products, you might even be lucky to get orders before your goods arrived.

Imagine just selling to a fraction of this population that is hundreds of thousands in a month.



The shocking part is that this company will handle shipment of your products to your buyers so you dont have to worry about that.

Now if you go to konga or jumia website now, you cant see where to partner with them,but
dont worry I will show you how you too can partner with them without having to pay N150,000 or N200,000

I mean you will become their partner for FREE.

After learning this tricks and new method of importation business I remember you my friend.
I remember how badly you want to start your own business and become financially independent. with the way things are going you dont have to depend on Government and you have to be responsible for anything that happens to you.


The Exact Business Secret of
The Richest Man In Africa,
Aliko Dangote!

Importation business is the  EXACT business model that Dangote used to kick start his Business empire. But in his own case Dangote started with importation of Cements, Sugar, Rice, flour and all other Commodities he noticed that Nigerians will always need and consume. But today his business worth is 25 Billion Dollars, according to Forbes Magazine.

I have decided to help just 50 People.....why?

Because this is new and you cant get this secret anywhere in Nigeria and I want to make just 50 people rich.

Initially I said I'd put up a training or workshop where I will reveal this business to just 50 people ... But as I was saying This, I remembered the ones Outside Lagos and other parts of the country.

and most people reading this would love to start Now and never wait a seconds once they have the means to the information needed

This would Not work if I'm to put an event...

So I Thought Of Alternative..

And the best thing i could do is to packaged this information a simple step by step pictorial guide that even my 16 years old little sister was able to import her first pair of shoes with it.

This Guide is what i Called....

Importation Business Manifesto...

inside this guide, you will the discover:

  • The Exact Secret website where you can buy goods for $1 to $4 and resell for N3,500 to N10,000 Here in Nigeria.

  • 10 Hot in Demand Products that will always sell like crazy! ignore this and you will never make money from Importation business. 

  • How to Pay for your goods using your Nigerian Bank ATM card.

  • How to get your goods delivered to you in Nigeria in 24 hours you dont even have to wait for 10 to 30 days to get it.....You have not heard about this before.

  • How to partner with Jumia, Konga, Kaymu and for FREE and help you sell your goods to over 50 million Nigerians on their platform.

  • And lots more.......


Are You Sure I Cant Be Scammed?

One sweet thing about these importation website is that; you're 100% secured, because if by chance you did not receive your item or if the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can report and have your money returned to your account within 72 hours:

You can see how secured and easy this business it. No matter what happens, you can always get your money back!

What’s stopping you?

Truth is, the only thing stopping you is your own doubt.

Admit it. You’re asking yourself things like…

Will this system really work?

Will this system really work for me?

Should I trust this guy about what he’s telling me?

All good questions, of course.

But I can assure you that if you don't take action today, you might miss out of the lucky 100!

So if you want to be among the lucky 100 people, Order for your Own Importation Manifesto Copy below.

Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/Internet transfer, Quickteller bank transfer or mobile money transfer of N2,500 into any branch of Guaranty Trust Bank Plc in Nigeria. The account details are:

Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Ogundele Oluwaseun Stephen

Account Number: 0030054744

First Bank

A/C Name – Ogundele Oluwaseun

A/C Number - 3045938314

STEP 2 - After payments, send a text with the following details: 

Amount paid, Depositor's Name, Date paid, Your Full Names, Email, GSM number, Teller number to: 08130300766 or

once you send this notification and it has been confirmed you will receive your Importation Business manifesto in your mailbox!




Your Import Guru,

Seun Ogundele