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3 years ago I just entered University as a direct entry student, I joined them in 200 level and not 100 level. I was so happy i got admission into one of the best private university in Nigeria. Although i dont really like private universities but i waited at home for good 3 years for admission so when this came i had to grab it with both hands.

So I was so happy until something happened, i already passed the exam, paid acceptance fee only for me to see the school fees, I was shocked....I needed to pay a sum of N781,000 for school fee. I didnt have much at time cause i just launched another big project that i spent a lot of money on.

I had sleepless night for good 4 days because i needed to pay my school fees before i resumed school. So i started researching various ways to make quick cash online not something that takes month before you start seeing cash.

I needed something that can pump in cash as fast as humanly possible.

Then Something Changed My Life That Night............

I was online as usual still researching for ways to raise emergency cash online....note the word emergency cash, I already make as much as N250k to N300k that year but i needed something that worked really faster than what am earning.

So I discover the truth that night about making huge cash from facebook

I met a guy here in Nigeria the guy made N800k to N1million on a monthly basis selling information products using some killer crazy tactics to market his information products, mean while this guy is very lazy that he works for just 5 days in a month the remaining 25 days is just for him to enjoy his money, then I decided to meet this guy and learn the secret tactics he his using to make such amount of money without any hard work. he promised to reveal the secret to me but told me to promise him that I WILL NOT REVEAL IT TO ANYONE and do you know what happened.

I was so skeptical that this is too easy to make such amount of money, but I decided to try it out because what I will be making from it is  more than the little risk of trying. And this was the result.

After 3 months of testing this same Fb Emergency Cash System ,I now know the reason why this guy feel reluctant to give me the secret, I was stunned by the results I was getting.

Over N2million within 45 Days...


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Don't worry, I will soon tell you the meaning of that word up there. It is a secret word that you will soon know about.

I decided to carry out a research about that term studying from different Masters of the art.

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Funny enough, nobody is been taught how to use this magic wand effectively in seminars or crappy information products that they are all selling for N4,500 despite the high fess that are been paid because nobody understands and for a proof;

We all know that Phd holders and most professors go broke over and over until their salaries are been paid. Most even find themselves in a huge lump of debt.

Answer this question:

If you knew there was a very powerful magic system that you can beckon on to produce massive amount of cash, would you go to school to study a course that will cause you to go and look for a job?

If I PRESENTED you with an opportunity to discover this "Magical system" would you embrace it and EAT it?

See...this is NOT a MAKE MONEY QUICK of a Thing

As a matter of fact, if you are reading this right now and you are thinking in your heart that HERE comes one of those Get Rich Quick Schemes, I will suggest that you jump off this website.

Because like I said from the beginning, this page is not for small people

This page is for people who can INVEST at least 1hour per day for the NEXT few weeks to go through a "Powerful Video Course" that will ensure that they will make any amount of money they need using the FB Emergency Cash System.

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I mean what would you explain to your wife, friends and families when you start making million in a month working less than you used to do before

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  • Do you know its possible to make $50,000 Per month from this system?
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All the figures listed above are not just mere figures.
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  • I Made N2,000,000 in 45 days days using this same system.


    This is What FB Emergency Cash System is all about


  1.  Hot Information Product That sells like pure water ( I will give you 7 of these profitable market)


  2. Highly converting sales page that makes people beg you to collect their money.

  3. FB Emergency Cash System that can send 10,000 visitors to your site in 24 hours ( Just 3 Nigerians knows about  this and making nothing less than N1million using it)



Still dont believe that,see how i generated over 100,000 visitors to my website in less than 3weeks





Another 98,000 Visitors to another website using this secret system imagine how much i will make selling information products on that website.









So I know the question you want to ask me right now are..


  • How do you create hot information product that sells like pure water without even writing a single word ( I know you are use to all these folks out there telling you to write ebooks yourself...well you wont have to do that yourself again)

  • How to write highly converting sales letter?

  • How to send 10,000 cash in hand customers that really want to pay for your information to your website in less than 24 hours.

  • How you can start getting this traffic with zero capital  or little capital as low as N5,000 ( This is good for your if you dont have enough capital.)

The answer to all this questions is....

FB Emergency Cash System
Video Course
How To Turn a Measly Zero Naira or  N10,000 into a Whopping N100,000! Imagine How Your Life Would
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This Facebook Emergency Course Video Training  will be available for 3 days.

During this time, you will have access to an unusual power packed video that must be studied by you and you will carry out the assignments in it.

Why Video Course?

This video will train you one on one like am sitting close to you and showing you how to do it and you can always go back to any part  you dont understand...So its like One on One Home Training

This course is the first of its kind in Nigeria

In this FB Emergency Cash System Video Course, you will DISCOVER:

  • The 4 HOT products that will cause an upsurge of money flowing into your bank account like crazy
  • How to get HOT products to sell without lifting your hands to create any (Let other people do that job while you sit back and leverage on the efforts of other people)
  • How to create CASH squeezing web pages...FAST (within 60 minutes)
  • How to run ads that will generate over 10,000 subscribers for you and fast Starting with as low as $50.
  • How you can grow a little amount of money (like N10K) into as huge amount as high as N100,000 within 30days without recording any losses ever.
  • What did I do to make N750k in a matter of weeks? Find out how you too can do it...as fast as possible.
  • How you can fully automate the whole system and never have to spend more than 1-2 hours on it per day. (If you are working and you do not have a lot of time to spend, then you need to consider this system)
  • Don't have N10,000 to start, I will show you how you can easily raise $50 as if you are taking your bath to kick the system up or start with zero capital and make the system pay for itself.
  • I will show you all the tools that will make all your work an easy breeze and make it as professional as possible (I will also hand over these tools to you for free)

and lots more that i cant explain here

How much Do you Think This Worth?

I have decide to charge N15,000 for this Facebook Emergency Cash System Video Course because have spent a lot of money in the process of refining and trying to perfect this new system and it took me 4 months to perfect. If you want to do the try and error process it will take you a whole year doing it on your own.

Am sure you dont have a whole year to wait before you start making money from facebook
so I have decided to give out special price to people that register for this FB Emergency Cash System Video course within the next 3 days.

I am giving you the chance to pay just N3,500 for the FB Emergency Cash System Video Course instead of the normal N15k fee.

But that discount PRICE is only for people who are taking up the offer within those 4 days. Once the 4 days is gone, it returns to the normal N15k PRICE.

I am not under any pressure to reduce the price anytime. As a matter of fact, the only thing I would do is to
increase the price.

So, if you think you have the capacity to bear the "FB Emergency Cash SYstem" that knowing this system would unleash on you.



For Just N3,500


Once you click on the image below, you will be redirected to another page, where you will see options, choose INTERSWITCH to pay with your VERVE or MASTERCARD ATM, or choose VISA if your ATM card has the visa logo on it. After Successful Payment you will be directed to the Download Link.

OPTION 2 - Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N3,500 into any branch of these banks in Nigeria. The account details are:


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Ogundele Oluwaseun Stephen

Account Number: 0030054751

First Bank

A/C Name Ogundele Oluwaseun

A/C Number - 3045938314


STEP 2 -

STEP 2 - After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address - payment@nigeriabizcoach.com

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says:

                  PAYMENT FOR N3,500 FB Emergency Cash System Video

The details to be sent are:
1. Your Full Name
2. Your Email Address
3. Phone Number
4. Teller Number and the bank you paid to
That is all you have to do.

Once payment is made and all necessary details sent to me, I shall go ahead and send you the download link to my FB Emergecny Cash System Video Course.


Please, Be Warned About The 
Following When You Order

You need to understand that the course you are paying for is a powerful, money generating system once you master it. Therefore make preparations on how to explain it to YOUR friends and relations.


You can leave this page and come back later but when you come back, you will have to pay the normal fee of N15k unlike the one time fee of N3,500 that I am giving you right now.



This is ONE of the surest guarantee I can give to anybody in my life.

Because I am 1000% sure about the way it works.

I GUARANTEE that you would have turned into a MONEY MAKING MACHINE who can turn on the "FB Emergency Cash System " by the time you finish this course BUT...

If you use the course successfully and you are enough (sorry for that word) to be broke again at any time despite that, send me an email and I will pay in N20,000 into YOUR account regardless of how much you REGISTERED with.

I am VERY SERIOUS about this.

Let's round this up.

For the few wise, people who will take this up, I will like to say:

Welcome to the "Facebook Income Earners World"


PS - Payment for this Powerful video course goes for a ONE time payment of N3500 if you order between the NEXT 5 days. Anything after then, price increases to N15k

PPS - If you prefer to go and spend your N3500 in Mr Biggs or on Recharge cards than taking up this wonderful opportunity, you are free to go.You will come back when the reality dawns you and you are stupidly broke that you say to yourself, "how I wish I had taken that course"

Your Friend,

Seun Ogundele
CEO, Fastplus Innovation Limited
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