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I know right now you are thinking the above statement is impossible but believe me it is very possible.

and still Lost Everything!

5 years ago there was this young 17 years old guy. He finished secondary school in 2008 and since then he started looking for ways to make money on his own because he doesn't want to depend on his parent. Most of his friends that he told that he wanted to start making money online laughed at him. He didn't get discouraged because of that so he kept on trying various internet opportunities online and the first one he tried was Surveys and Paid to Read Emails.

Wow, he was so happy to discover this stress-free way of making money online because all he have to do is just read emails and click on the advert in it. He was been paid $50 per email, after some months he already have like $10,000 in his online account with the paid survey site. He was full of life and so happy that he was able to make over N1.5million doing almost nothing.

But something shocking happened, He decided to withdraw the money and then he was told to pay $150 to clear the money. After paying the money. He couldn't withdraw any money. Tried reaching the website admin to no success and that was end of story....

$10,000 Gone!

He didnt give up, he decided to try something else and that was Google Adsense in 2010, He spent over his pocket money buying materials online and going for training on google adsense. After 4 months of researching he was able to break the jinx and made his first $1,000 from Google and even received the check here in Nigeria and cleared the money.

He was so happy, It was like he has arrived and his income keep increasing

$1000, $2500, $5000 and then $12,500

It was when he earned $12,500 expecting another check of like N2million as at 2010. But another thing happened Google started banning account and he lost the $12,500 and even his close friend also loose over $15,000.

At this point, he got really tired of everything and taught online business was not just for him. But as he was surfing the net around 2am September 2010, He came across a website that changed his life today, On this secret website he discover how he could make money from sending emails.....for some minutes he taught it was the Survey and PTR programs again but Hell No...

"I got my finger bunt already! No Way!"

But then as he was about to exit the website, something caught his attention, which was:

"The Only single Way to Make Massive Amount of Crazy Cash Online is By Selling a Product or Rendering a Service"

C'mon he has been wasting his time since all this years without knowing this simple truth. he wish he knew ever since he wouldn't have waste is pocket money on all those stupid internet pythons that swallow people's money and effort.

After reading that sentence the he received another shocker of his life!

" Selling product give you passive Income, so you can create a product once and keep making money from it over and over again but rendering service will not"

He already know where the writer is driving at, Its very simple; Selling product was the way forward.

He look so stupid when he saw all what he have to do start experiencing windfall of cash in his local bank account

" if you want to keep receiving windfall of cash into your account by invisible paymaster

  1. Look for what a group of people want (problems or desire)
  2. Create a Product to solve the problem
  3. Sell it to them

Once you master this system, you will never go broke again"

That's all..............He was renewed and have confidence that he will make headway in his new line of business.
In the first month, He made N50,000 and since then he has been making six figure income online.

This young 17 years old Ekiti boy 5 years ago  is the same Seun Ogundele, Nigeria Famous Youngest Internet Marketer (YoungestCEO) you all know.

Over 5 years now and the same business is responsible for these results:

Year 2010 - Made N1million

Year 2011 - Made over N2.5 Million

Year 2012- Made over N3million

Year 2013 - Made over N5 million

Year 2014 - Made over N25 million

Even this year 2015 - Have Made over N4million ( very small though because am writing my final

Now am not all this kind of hungry marketers that tell you they make money and yet nothing to show for it.

Over N2.3million in my zenith bank Account as part of my year 2013 Income


Some people collect this as salary and yet this is one of my low sales days.....

Another N130,000 In Just a Single Day!

The Shocker of life! Over N20million in my GTB Account

I got my first car at age 21

I also bought a brand new Honda Accord as my birthday gift... Internet money sweet o


I also Bought Another Car Again Early This Year

I was able to buy all this cars form the same business I want to reveal to you now

Well am not showing you all this to brag! far from it. I just want you to see the possibilities in this kind of business and to let you know that N250,000 is very doable if only you will allow me to help you.

The Shocking Part is I Have Made Over N4million Naira From this Same Business Between January and June 2015


See some of my earnings in 2015 below:

Over N150,000 from the same business

More and more payment notification that space will not permit me to post here.


The truth is most people will laugh at you when you tell them you want to start internet business or they wont even believe that the business exist, well don't be discourage even if it comes from those that are vey close to you. It happened to me too.

They Laughed at me When I told Them
I will Make 6 Figures Online
But When They saw over N20million Income
and my cars they were Begging me to
show them the Way!


Well why waste my time with doubting Thomas, when i already know that you are interested in changing your story to a successful one like some smart people that listen to me the last time i came up with something like this last year. They experience loads of cash in their bank account and still thank me till today.

If making money online is difficult for you and you think you can ever make money online just because you are doing it in a wrong way or you have bought series of eBooks without success and you are looking for positive changes, then this will be the most important message you will read this week.

Here is why,

I have been online for years and I have teach several Nigerians who are making good money on the internet.
I am proud of my feat, not being proud but I am happy that God has used me to make some Nigerians Millionaires.

And this have proved to you on my blog here

Now you need to see what the Big Names In Internet Marketing In Nigeria Have To Say About Me.......



"Seun braved the odd and made his first million before 20. I believe he can also lead anyone to that path with ease, if you allow him to. Kudos"
[11/09/2013 08:39:02] Patrick Ogidi: "Seun braved the odd and made his first million before 20. I believe he can also lead anyone to that path with ease, if you allow him to. Kudos"

- Pat Ogidi,
Social Media Consultant,




Got to know Seun Ogundele in 2010 when he was tagged alongside Olaide as "Amazing student millionaires". I have known him to be the youngest internet marketer in Nigeria (unlike those who copy and paste others' work). A very hardworking and smart young guy who has mastered the art of making money online on demand. CEO of A self-made Millionaire.

Gbolagade Adetunji (Prof. Fiverr)




Oluwaseun is one of the good guys in the Nigerian Internet Marketing Platform

So far, I haven't heard bad about him. He is one of those who know his onions when it comes to making money online.

Ufuoma Desmond Okosi
Information Marketer / Social Media Marketing Expert.


I believe you have read what These Millionaire Marketers Have To Say, They Are Not Just Ordinary People Thay Are Experts In The World Of Money Making, they have make Millions Of Naira and Dollars Online, If you are not sure you can google search their name on

Now You See Why You Need To listen To Me Even The Experts In The Industry Reckon With Me,

Now alot of people have also heard about this Information marketing business but they are finding it hard to get started. Even if I show you how to start, it will still take you alot of time to figure things out yourself.  I receive messages like the one below everyday.

So as part of my plan to help as many Nigerians as possible I have decided to raise another set of 50 Millionaires before the end of this year.

Here is How do I plan to raise the successful millionaires before the end of this year:

You don't need to worry about any of these stuff that takes a long time to set up...

  • You don't need to spend time creating a technically beautiful website (I will do that for you).
  • You don't need to hunt for a winning product to sell ( I will create one for you).
  • You don't need to spend big bucks on great sales copy ( I will write a powerful one for you that guarantee people pay for your products).
  • You don't even need a single idea of your own.

I'm going to take care of all that, and then some. The hard work is done!

Introducing My Done-For-You Information Business System That Prints Cash Non-Stop!

I will choose Hot Selling  Niche market and product topic For you! I will fully research and search for information product that people will love to buy from you

 I  will create a Hot selling product for you. The kind of product that  people will BEG you to take there money and even tell you "Thank You" for taking there money!

I will take the stress away from you and help you  register a domain Name for your Mini website

I will host this domain for a one Year .

I will create and design a small but mighty  Mini website to sell your product like crazy (Your picture, Name, Sales Copy , Your Sales Page  Your Bank account will be there ALL DONE FOR YOU!)

 I will write Your sales Copy. This kind that  will force Your readers to Pay for the product That I am going to create for you! This have been one of my secret weapon.

I will  take you by the hand and teach you  how To drive insane traffic to your website and get tons of visitors to your website daily , so you'll  will make truck load of profit for yourself.

What this means is that I will Duplicate my exact money making system that brings in N1million per month to my bank account so that you too can start making N250k monthly from the business.

This Is Easier Than Any Business You Have Done Before.

Remember my goal of making this business easy for you, I think I succeeded, in spades.

I don't care if you're brand new to the Internet. I don't care if you've tried "everything" out there and haven't been able to make a dime. I don't care if you've never had an online success EVER.

If you can send and receive emails, you've got way more than enough brain power to make this work for you.

Here's what I mean...

  • Once you get this set up, you'll make money, even while you're sleeping or having fun doing something else. You won't be chained to your computer slaving away.

  • Your earnings  show up automatically in your bank account.

  • It doesn't have to cost you a fortune. There's no thinking about what to buy to "make this work". You can choose to spend some money on certain traffic generation approaches, but you don't have to.

  • Unlike most things, you can start immediately. This isn't a "slow-and-steady" system—it's a "fast and  profitable" avalanche rolling right into your bank account because i will be doing the setup for you while you make the money.

When you fire up this system, you're going to feel like you've gotten an ATM set up in your house, and somebody comes and fills the thing up with money every night.

How Much Do You Think This Will Cost You?

 You see, I’ve helped over 200 Nigerians, setup their information marketing business. Using just  few of my proven business and marketing strategies—I have helped ordinary individuals become millionaires and some live comfortably!

The list of people I’ve worked with on an individual basis is endless.

For the facts that this business have made me millions naira in the past few years and cash out N1million monthly from it now, I can easily charge you to pay N50,000 to N120,000 because am about to duplicate my exact money making system for you which is very hard to get.

I've charged N100,000 for website setup like this at my seminars, and they sell out in hours. But you won't pay anything close to that for this system that gives you the puzzle pieces you've been missing.

Even one of the attendee ask me to reduce the price a little from N100k:

People pay me N30,000  just to get one on one training with me. You won't, and I'm going to give you every secret you need.

Some so-called gurus will sell you garbage that distracts you rather than helping you fill your bank account, and they'll charge you N25k to N50k for it. But I'm offering you the genuine system, and I won't charge you even close to that amount.

In fact if you act on this NOW...

You'll Only Have To Invest A Measly One-Time 
N20,000 For Everything!

Pick your jaw up off the floor. You're not seeing things, and I'm not crazy. But...

This is an *introductory* price, and it won't last forever.

I'll be raising the price on this significantly as soon as I think enough people have it in their hands.

There's no time to lose. If the price is N30,000 tomorrow, don't whine to me. You can get this RIGHT NOW for less than you probably use a week to buy stuff at Shoprite, Mr Price  and eateries. Do it immediately...

You're Getting Financial Freedom For Pennies...

Tired of messing around? Weary of banging your head against the wall? Then skip past all the pain, and jumpstart your profits NOW...

When the price goes up at least N30,000 very soon, don't be kicking yourself over the fact you could've taken advantage of this for almost nothing.

Sometimes in life, you have to decide to pick yourself up by your own bootstraps, take action and make things happen...

I'm giving you all the tools, and a complete in-a-box system you can pick up, flip the switch and start collecting cash in just minutes from now so do the right thing...

Price: N20,000

How To Reserve Your Slot Today



Once you click on the image below, you will be redirected to another page, where you will see options, choose INTERSWITCH to pay with your VERVE or MASTERCARD ATM, or choose VISA if your ATM card has the visa logo on it.


OPTION 2 - Bank Deposit/Online Transfer.

STEP 1 - Make a bank deposit/online or mobile money transfer of N20,000 into any branch of these banks in Nigeria. The account details are:


Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank

Account Name: Ogundele Oluwaseun Stephen

Account Number: 0030054744

First Bank

A/C Name – Ogundele Oluwaseun

A/C Number - 3045938314

ECO Bank

A/C Name - Ogundele Oluwaseun

A/C Number - 0041952297


STEP 2 -

STEP 2 - After making the payment, send the details of your payments to this email address -

Make sure the SUBJECT of the email says:

                  PAYMENT FOR INFO BIZ SET UP

The details to be sent are:
1. Your Full Name
2. Your Email Address
3. Phone Number
4. Teller Number and the bank you paid to

5. YOUR FULL BANK DETAILS (Bank name(s), Account name and Account Number(s)) to be used when creating your website

6. Your Home or Office Address

7. Your Picture

8. The amount your pay.  and bank paid to.

9. The desire info product that you want me to setup for you.

I can set up any of the info product for you..All you need to do is to pick one out of the info product listed below.

1. Making money online info product.

2. How to travel abroad

3. How To Register A Business Name

4. How to make money from selling short report online.

5. How to design advance database website using wordpress

7. How To Start Mini Importation Business.

8. Weight loss Products

9. How To Make Money From Fiverr

That is all you have to do.

Once payment is made and all necessary details sent to me, I shall go ahead and create your website, write the sales letter, register the domain name, set up an auto responder and send the details on how to deliver the information product to your email address so that if any of your client pay to your bank Account, All you need to do is to send the info product to him or her via email .

I will give you my marketing guide that am using to send 1000s of hungry buyer to my info marketing website.


There's no need to be frustrated anymore. Grab the Information Business Setup today and finally start seeing the massive profits you've dreamed about...

To Your Success!

Seun Ogundele

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